Our Founder - Miss Karissa Kamsi Idoko

founderMiss Karissa Kamsi Idoko is a girl advocate. She is a 8th Grade student of Edgewood College Lekki, Lagos - Nigeria. She was an award winning pupil at The Royal Family Academy School, Abuja and The River Bank School, Victoria Island Lagos.

She is 12 years old; both of her parents are involved in raising her to be strong, smart and intelligent. She is the author of the book ‘Don’t Enter That Pressure Pot!’ She speaks at conferences and workshops for youths.

She founded K-GAP Initiative (Karissa’s Girls in Africa for Progress) since September 2015. K-GAP is a nongovernmental organization that inspires adolescent girls to rise above limits and positively control their future. She looks forward to taking this not for profit organization to the regional and international levels.

She hopes to also become a re-known Architect and writer!

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